Featured snippet – or block of quick answers – is at the very beginning of search results. To make it even better, Google will look for a general consensus on the information provided, which will confirm its authenticity.

Using the latest AI model, the Multitask Unified Model, Google search will cross-check the text fragments offered as quick answers against other high-quality sources on the Internet. It will be able to determine whether there is a general consensus on this information, even if the sources describe the same idea using different words and concepts.

Google claims that this “consensus-based methodology has significantly improved the quality and usefulness of quick answer blocks.” Also, quick answer blocks will appear 40% less often for queries with a false assumption, as a short piece of text is not the best way to answer them.

If the AI ​​decides that the results are of questionable quality, the page will display a warning: “It looks like there aren’t many good results for this search.” In this way, Google will offer to check the source that the user is looking for or to try a different query.

In addition, the “About this result” tool becomes more functional. This is a panel that appears after clicking the three dots next to the snippet and contains information about the site from which the text fragment originates. Now it also shows data about the speed of the publication, reviews of the company, and data about its owners. All of this will help you decide whether a certain source is trustworthy.

We remind that we started a public discussion about the fact that Google search should provide users from Ukraine with results from Ukrainian sources and in the Ukrainian language.