Along with the presentation of new flagship smartphones, Samsung also updated a pair of TWS earbuds — Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. They became a little more expensive, but also received noticeable improvements.

For starters, the new model of earbuds has become 15 percent smaller and has changed shape, which should be reflected in comfort. Users with small ear cups should especially feel this, because TWS earbuds in such cases may not be very convenient to use. They are also protected against moisture according to the IPx7 standard.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro will offer 24 bits and a more comfortable shape

Each earbud contains a 5.3mm tweeter and a 10mm woofer. What’s more, with SSC HiFi’s proprietary codec, they support 24-bit audio. But for now, this requires a Samsung smartphone with OneUI 4.1 and applications that support this sound quality.

Among other improvements, an increase in the effectiveness of active noise cancellation by 40% is emphasized. In addition, the earbuds can recognize the moment when the user starts talking to someone and automatically lowers the music playback level.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro will offer 24 bits and a more comfortable shape

There was also support for spatial audio, which Samsung called Intelligent 360 Audio. And not only playback but also sound recording. Later, the earbuds will receive an update that should improve audio recording for filming, for example, vlogs.

They do not have full multipoint support, but a similar function will work with various Samsung devices (for example, earbuds connected to the TV will switch to a smartphone during an incoming call).

Of course, finding your lost Galaxy Buds 2 Pro won’t be difficult with SmartThings Find. At the same time, it will work both with and without a case.

The batter life of the earbuds is designed for 5 hours of operation with the noise reduction system on, or 8 hours without it. The battery in the case will increase these indicators to a total of 20 or 30 hours, respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro will offer 24 bits and a more comfortable shape

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro will appear in Ukrainian stores on September 16 with a price tag of 6,999 hryvnias.