According to numerous videos and messages on the network, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, at the military airfield in in the urban-type settlement of Novofedorivka not far from Saki, several powerful explosions were heard and a column of smoke rose.

The airport in Saki is one of the best aviation complexes of the USSR. There was a training complex for pilots of carrier-based aviation to practice the technique of taking off and landing an aircraft on the deck of an aircraft carrier. After the annexation of Crimea, the 43-1 regiment of the Russian naval attack aircraft is based here, with Su-24M aircraft that can carry cruise missiles.

The first explosion in Novofedorivka occurred around 15:00, followed by 5-6 more explosions. It seems that an air alert has been declared in Crimea. The minimum distance from Novofedorivka to possible positions of the Armed Forces, say near Ochakov, is 220 km. But… the fact is that the Armed Forces do not have weapons with such a range. At least not officially.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (probably) hit a target in Crimea for the first time, but it is not clear what they used

Ukraine does not have long-range weapons to strike deep into enemy-controlled territory. First of all, on the airfields from which planes take off, shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities. That is why the leadership of the state and the Armed Forces persistently demanded high-precision weapons with a long range from the Western partners. HIMARS is the first such a weapon, but… the GMLRS missiles supplied to us by the Allies, which have proven themselves very well, have a range of only 100 km. That is why Ukraine asked the US for ATACMS missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 300 km. Unfortunately, according to official reports, there are no such missiles in Ukraine now.

You could say that these are ER GMLRS missiles, but their testing began only in March 2021, and the range is only 150 km. OTR-21 Tochka – 150 km. Vilkha-M2, which is still under development – 140 km.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (probably) hit a target in Crimea for the first time, but it is not clear what they used

Almost the only options left are reworked R-360 Neptun (range 280 km) for firing at ground targets, or the secret completion of work on the operational-tactical missile complex Grim-2 (up to 500 km), which was developed by the Design Bureau Pivden. Two Grim research installations were allegedly produced, but what happened to them after the program was terminated is unknown. In addition, the number of explosions in Crimea indicates that it was not a single attack, but a volley, that is, we are betting on the converted P-360 Neptun.

In any case, the hitting of targets in the deep rear of the enemy is a very great success of the Armed Forces, which we congratulate our soldiers on. We hope there will be more!

P.S. Russia says it is a self-detonation of munitions. Yeah… A gesture of goodwill.