SmartFlower have become popular in Europe and the USA. The first such power plant also appeared in Ukraine. It was installed in Ternopil. Similar solar energy systems will be placed in communal facilities and institutions of the city, reports Ecopolitics.

SmartFlower, which looks like a sunflower, can track the Sun and produces 40% more energy than conventional panels. Every day after sunset, the “petals” are automatically folded and cleaned to maximize the use of solar energy. The power of such a system reaches 2.5 kW, which allows producing from 4000 to 6200 kilowatts of energy per year, depending on weather conditions.

The project was implemented thanks to the cooperation of Energy Engineering Company LLC with the Austrian-American company Smart Flower Solar in the field of alternative energy.

The Mayor of Ternopil, Serhiy Nadal, notes that during the war, it is critical to ensure the normal development of the country’s economy, so companies and investors who create innovative products in Ukraine are of great value.

“For the past few years, we have been living in the conditions of an energy war with Russia, and every year we have a question about energy substitution and the production of electricity from alternative sources. Thanks to such modern innovative technologies as Smart Flower, we are able to ensure energy independence from the Russian aggressor,” says the mayor.