Ukrainian gunsmiths and soldiers demonstrate considerable skill in modernizing existing types of weapons and manufacturing self-made means of destroying the occupiers. We well remember the Brimstone missile launch platform based on a regular minivan, real Ukrainian Banderomobiles and other unusual samples of technology. The self-made trailed MLRS Vidmak is another example of the engineering ingenuity and creativity of Ukrainians.

A video using this miracle of technology near Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk region recently appeared online.

9 guides for 122-mm rockets from the Grad anti-aircraft missile system, elementary stabilization and guidance system, launch control system. All this on a small trailer that can be pulled by an SUV.

Gunsmiths named the system Vidmak (The Witcher), probably because it, like the legendary Geralt of Rivia, also destroys various evil spirits. Or maybe this is how our soldiers congratulate CD PROJEKT RED on its 20th Anniversary?

Domestic MLRS Vidmak that destroys the Russian evil

Vidmak is not a single solution. There were already many videos on the network with improvised Ukrainian MLRS. Such as these, mounted directly in the body of a mini-MSV pickup truck with 12 guides for 80 mm C-8 unguided air missiles.

In addition, pickups with entire B-8 launchers for 20 C-8 missiles (such cylinders with holes for missiles) were seen at the front, probably taken from helicopters or attack aircraft.

And we still wonder how our gunsmiths managed to adapt domestic aircraft to AGM-88 HARM missile…

These people definitely cannot be defeated. So we carry on, transfer money to the Armed Forces and help to bring victory as close as possible. Glory to Ukrainian gunsmiths! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!