Of course! You want to not just say it, but even scream it – just from the first look at this Ford Mustang Convertible CAGED car. After all, every classic Ford Mustang already deserves attention, but in this case, we also come across an interesting example of tuning.

The fact is that the Ford Mustang Convertible of 1964, taken as a basis, was not just restored, but also updated. For example, a 5-liter Coyote V8 engine appeared under the hood, new brakes can be seen through 18-inch wheels, Flowmaster exhaust pipes decorate the rear, and the body is painted with the latest paint with a metallic effect.

The interior of the car has also been updated: the front panel is painted in body color, the seats are decorated with the characteristic Mustang logos, and between the driver and the passenger there is a classic automatic transmission lever. However, the gearbox itself is already quite modern – it is an automatic 10R80, which is used on the latest Ford models.

So, in the case of the exclusive Ford Mustang Convertible CAGED, it was possible to combine the respected “classic” from the outside and the latest components inside. And in general, it turned out just great!