Cryptocurrency company Nomad offers a reward for the return of funds stolen from it during a hacker attack. Then the startup lost $190 million, and attackers exposed another vulnerability in the security system of digital tokens.

Hackers who recover 90% of the stolen tokens will be seen as those seeking to expose vulnerabilities rather than criminal rewards. They can keep 10% as a reward for their “work”, reports Bloomberg.

The leadership of the crypto-startup promises not to pursue such “ethical” hackers. Others are subject to legal liability.

“We will continue to work with our partners, intelligence firms, and law enforcement to pursue all other malicious actors to the fullest extent under the law,” says the chief executive director of Nomad.

Nomad is a blockchain token transfer tool that helps make different networks compatible. Bridges have become one of the weak points of the crypto sector after numerous hacker attacks. According to Chainalysis, a consulting company, in 2022 tokens worth about $2 billion were stolen.