Although Apple’s main gadgets are iPhones, iPads and Macs, the company also makes a lot of money from less popular devices that don’t make the news as often. However, insiders do not forget to warm the attention of the audience on all possible devices of the company. These include yet-to-be-announced augmented/mixed reality devices, as well as HomePod “smart” speakers.

Ming-Chi Kuo once again talked about the augmented/mixed reality headset. According to the analyst, the company will announce the device in January next year (or even earlier). Of course, if there are no new delays, because it was previously reported that due to some difficulties, the company has already postponed the release of the headset more than once. But it should be done as soon as possible.

“Apple may announce the AR/MR headset as soon as January 2023. This media event is expected to reduce investors’ concerns about innovative user experience and low shipmesnet (less than 1,5 mln units) in 2023, and enhance their confidence in the headset’s outlook,” says Kuo.

The presentation of the headset should talk about three main points: examples of use; software solutions, services and ecosystem; and also reveal the technical details of the gadget.

At the same time, Kuo believes that this particular product will become the next innovative product on the level of the iPhone. But the price is expected to be quite high — $2,000-2,500. And although the presentation hasn’t even happened yet, the company is also preparing a future cheaper version of the device for 2025. What’s more, an AR headset is planned exclusively for 2024.

Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the appearance of AR/MR headsets from Apple, and Mark Gurman once again reminded about the new versions of the HomePod

Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman again reminded about HomePod. The original Apple HomePod was sold from 2018 to 2021, and the “minimized” version of the HomePod mini is still in the company’s store (appearing in 2020). But there were no significant updates in both devices.

Mark once again emphasizes that the company has not forgotten about them. Currently, a separate department is working on several “smart” home devices, among which not all of them can “appear”. But new versions of HomePod are still the most likely contenders for a new appearance.

Newer models should receive Apple S8 chips, which will also be in the new “smart” watches Apple Watch 8. But there are no details at the moment on how the speakers will differ from previous models. It is clear that such devices are needed by the company to compete in the “smart” home market.