There are situations when you would like to know how many frames per second (FPS) your system is showing in a particular game – to optimize its settings, to find out whether it is time for an upgrade, etc. There are additional utilities for this, but if you don’t need “extra” functionality and are only interested in one single number in the game on Steam – the current fps, you can find it out without too much effort, using the launcher itself.

To do this, you just need to open the “Steam — Settings — In-game” window and choose the location of the indicator: “FPS counter in the game” (Steam — Settings — In-Game — In-game FPS counter).

If you need more functionality or need a counter not only in Steam, NVIDIA video card owners can use the proprietary utility Geforce Experience. In it, you need to select the menu item Settings — In-game Overlay — HUD layout — Performance. There are several options here: FPS (just the current number of frames per second), Basic and Advanced (additional information about the use of system resources, temperature and frequencies of the video card, etc.). In the game, you can bring up this overlay using the Alt+R keys.

And one more option — if GeForce Experience is too “big” and you are not interested in all its other functionality — the utility MSI Afreburner (despite its name, you can use the utility with any video card). In its settings, you need to go to the Monitoring tab and in the Active hardware monitoring graphs list, find and enable the Framerate item, then check the Show in On-Screen Display item. Next, select the On-Screen Display tab and select any hot keys to display the OSD.

How to enable FPS in games