YouTube has a program that allows Premium subscribers to access new experimental features. As part of it, the service has launched the ability to zoom videos through pinch to zoom on the screen, which allows you to enlarge the picture even in landscape mode.

This is a bit different from the feature that has long been available to everyone, which allows you to fill the screen in landscape mode. Instead of filling the entire screen, finger zoom lets you use two fingers to zoom in on the video player. By zooming in, the user can move the image and look closer at parts of the video.

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can find a new feature in the YouTube Android app: just tap your profile picture, then tap Your Premium Benefits. From there you can find the ‘Try new features’ page and enable the ‘Pinch in or out to zoom’ feature. It may take some time before you can try this new tool.

Finger zoom will only be available until September 1st, giving YouTube Premium users plenty of time to try out the new feature and provide feedback. After that, YouTube will decide whether it is needed in the future.