Kyiv Customs notified about the destruction of 10 batches of counterfeit Apple brand goods that were imported into Ukraine in violation of Apple’s intellectual property rights.

We are talking about 2,500 counterfeit units, headphones, power supplies, adapters, and other accessories. For some reason, no smartphone or laptop was affected. The destruction took place according to the established procedure by burning in a special furnace at high temperatures.

Most of the destroyed goods were imported into Ukraine through postal channels and through international express shipments in small batches.

Customs is planning to destroy another batch of counterfeit Apple products soon.

As a result of the high publicity of the fact of the destruction of Apple products, Kyiv Customs posted an explanation about counterfeit products.

“Counterfeit products are products manufactured in violation of intellectual property rights. According to Art. 17 of the Law On Foreign Economic Activity in Ukraine prohibits, in particular, the export and import of goods that are carried out in violation of intellectual property rights.

Please note that the decision to destroy or not to destroy counterfeit products is made only by the right holder, in this case – Apple. Customs cannot influence this decision in any way. Apple’s position is to destroy. In such a case, the function of the customs office is to control compliance with the legislation in the field of intellectual property rights protection, which belong to the right holder of the trademark.

We remind you that all the customs offices of the State Customs Service are actively handing over to the needs of our military confiscated property and property that has come into the ownership of the state on other legal grounds. So far, the State Customs Service has transferred UAH 328 million worth of confiscated goods and vehicles to the defense forces of Ukraine. Namely: 1,226 cars, car parts, building materials, fuel, computer equipment, mobile phones, protective helmets, food, clothes, fabric and much more.”