The statistics of views of various sections of Wikipedia were provided by Yurii Perohanych, the director of Association of Information Technology Enterprises of Ukraine. So, for example, the number of views of articles on the Ukrainian section of Wikipedia in July 2022 amounted to 63.4 million, which is 36% more than a year ago! But it is much more interesting to compare different sections of the Wiki.

In total, in July 2022, 168 million views of Wikipedia in all languages ​​were made from the territory of Ukraine. This is minus 8 million, or minus 4.5% compared to 2021, which is quite logical, given the problems with Internet access in the temporarily occupied territories and the number of Ukrainians who were forced to leave the country. During this time, the number of views of Ukrainian Wikipedia from the territory of Ukraine amounted to 50 million (+10 million), Russian – 95 million (-17 million), and English – 15 million (-1 million).

During the year, Russian Wikipedia lost 17 million views per month in Ukraine. But the statistics are still very bad

That is, the share of Ukrainian Wikipedia in all views increased from 23% to 30%, and the share of Russian fell from 64% to 57%. Despite this, the Russian-language Wikipedia, which, among other things, broadcasts Russian propaganda narratives, is still very popular in Ukraine. It can be said that it is undesirably popular for the country during the war. Although the positive dynamic in the statistics is visible, our russophobia is still not enough!

As a reminder, Ukrainian Wikipedia currently contains almost 1.2 million articles and ranks 16th among all language sections, 10th in Europe, and 3rd among Wikipedias in Slavic languages. The Russian version of Wikipedia has 1.8 million articles and ranks 7th in the world. It is interesting that the 2nd place after the English-language Wikipedia in terms of the number of articles belongs to Wikipedia in the Cebuano language, which is widespread in the Philippines – 6.1 million articles, while the Cebuano section has only… 6 administrators and only 193 active users.