But not really, rather, competition with the Mazda MX-5 car is possible here. After all, the future sports car, currently known under the code name MG Cyberster (by the way, like the concept of the past years) represents a compact 2-seater roadster. All according to historical MG sports cars, which charmed not with so much power, but good handling on the road. As AUTOCAR says, all this should return in 2024. But from now on in the form of an electric car, for which patent images have already appeared.

So, the design is almost ready. But there is no name yet. It is unlikely that the new electric car will retain the bulky and complicated designation MG Cyberster. Most likely, the more laconic designation MG C EV will be used: this is what the company recently patented. In addition, the technology of the future model is unclear. However, there are certain hints here too. We should mention electric car MG4: there is a platform, there are versions with rear-wheel drive, there are options for different batteries. We are also waiting for the new MG compact sports car – but now it’s electric!