Ukrainian GameDev is somewhat different from other IT industry. There are often specialists with less work experience (especially in QA and Game Developers), more people are involved in product rather than outsourcing companies. These conclusions were reached at GameDev DOU, having conducted a survey among 787 specialists in June of this year.

Among other findings of the study is the difference in wages. Testers in game development earn significantly less than in the entire industry. Marketers and HR earn more, and specialists do the same.

Who works at GameDev?

Developers/Software Engineers (20%), QA (18%), Designers and Game Developers (17% each) took part in the survey the most. Mostly men work in the industry, 26% are women. The average age of a gamedev specialist is 28 years old.

41% of GameDev specialists have less than three years of experience. 23% have been working in their specialty for more than five years. Developers turned out to be the most experienced. The least – testers, RM, and Game developers.

Who works in Ukrainian GameDev and how much do they earn? DOU survey

More than half of game dev specialists worked in 1-2 companies during their career. Developers who were in three or more companies changed jobs the most. Testers and marketers changed jobs the least.

In product companies, almost twice as many specialists work in game development than in IT on average (62% vs. 35%). Outsourcers have almost twice as many (27% versus 44%). Most of the employees are registered as sole proprietorships (79%). Non-technical workers are officially registered in the staff.

Average salaries in Ukrainian GameDev

Median developer salaries in game dev are lower than the industry as a whole. In June, they amounted to $3,293 against $3,400 in the general market. The difference was influenced by developer salaries – Team / Tech Lead level specialists received $4,750 in game development versus $5,200 in the industry. The difference in the payment of other titles is not so noticeable, but also not in favor of GameDev.

The median salary of Game developers is lower than that of developers in game development – $2,000 versus $3,293. In part, it depends on the number of experienced specialists – there are fewer of them among Game developers. In addition, the average salary of Middle and Senior Game developers is lower than that of SEs in game development: $2,200 vs. $2,500 for Middle and $3,500 vs. $4,825 for Senior.

QA specialists in game development earn significantly less than the general level in the industry – $1,235 vs. $2,000. Median salaries for designers are almost the same, but HR / Recruiter earn more on average. They get $1,830 versus $1,350. Among other specializations, which included 20 questionnaires, there was no difference between game development and the entire industry.