Everyone who once had to go to a service center to repair their smartphone had concerns about the privacy of personal data. Even banal procedures (such as a battery or display replacement) may not go as expected. Therefore, after the replacement, technicians must run additional tests to make sure everything is working as it should. The problem is that for this the service must have access to a smartphone.

Of course, you can, for example, create a temporary user, or erase all data and then restore it from a backup. But it is not as convenient as we would like. Samsung has found a solution for such a case – Repair Mode.

The new mode is activated through the settings and blocks access to user files. The press release states that service representatives will have access only to standard applications without data that may be contained there. So the service will be able to carry out all necessary checks without affecting the user’s personal data. And after returning the smartphone to the owner, re-authentication will open access to everything on the device.

Currently, this feature is only available in South Korea and works on the previous flagship Samsung Galaxy S21. The company plans to increase the number of models that will receive this mode, but it is not yet known whether users in other countries will receive this function and when exactly it will happen.