Tomb Raider brings good box office every time and studios can’t help but take advantage of that. In 2018, MGM made a reboot of the story starring Alicia Vikander. The film turned out to be successful, so a sequel was to be made after it. This was prevented by the pandemic and since then, not a word has been heard about the continuation of Tomb Raider. Now everything can change.

According to the Wrap, MGM lost the intellectual property rights to Tomb Raider. Now other studios are competing for it. As intellectual property changes hands, Vikander’s Lara Croft is out of the game. Neither the director nor the actress for the main role in the reboot is yet known.

The news about the reboot of the movie came just as the probable scenario of the new tomb raider game became known. In it an experienced Lara Croft faces with a test too difficult for her alone, so she will have to work in a team.

Tomb Raider’s cinematic story is also evolving. It is known that Netflix shoots anime series about Lara Croft. It will continue the tomb raider story after the events of the Survivor trilogy. The series is planned for two seasons, the first of which should be released in 2023.