Ukrainian cloud provider Tucha has launched a fundraiser for an SUV for an air defense unit that will destroy enemy helicopters. In order to raise the required amount, apart from collecting donations from everyone, the company also decided to start training in DevOps engineering in exchange for donations from listeners.

As noted in Tucha, since a lot of experience in the DevOps industry has been accumulated during professional activity, which is successfully implemented in the cloud services of the provider, the company had the idea to use it to accelerate the collection.

This is how courses for training DevOps practitioners appeared, where students can learn about cloud computing, CI/CD process automation, and also see how Docker software, Kubernetes, Ansible, Git, and other tools work. All the listed funds for training will be transferred directly to the account of one of the fighters, which he opened to collect for the SUV.

The amount of minimum donation for 1 class is 30 euros. Classes will be held at least once a week, and the duration of each class will be two hours or more. Detailed information about the courses can be found on this Facebook page.

The courses will suit both those students who are just starting their development in the DevOps field, and those who already have some experience in this field and want to improve their own skills. To join, you should just write a corresponding message in Messenger to the author of the course Volodymyr Melnyk.