Sports coupe Ford Mustang is preparing for a change of generation: camouflaged prototypes were spotted even earlier, and now the date of the official presentation has become known. So, it will all happen this fall at the Detroit Auto Show, Carscoops reports.

Currently, there is little information, but some images already give food for thought. First of all, the car will remain a classic coupe – a large flat hood, a rear-mounted cabin, and a short trunk lid. Secondly, the details of the interior are already visible: a steering wheel with three spokes, a block of switches, ventilation deflectors, an instrument panel display.

There is also little information on the technical part, there are only general ideas and expectations. For example, about increasing the power of the 2.3-liter “four” to 330 hp, or about the introduction of a hybrid application for the V8 engine. This should improve its fuel economy and provide even more torque at low engine speed.

Despite its upcoming debut this fall, the new Ford Mustang coupe is currently passing as a 2024 model year vehicle. That is, most likely, the start of sales will have to wait until the spring or summer of 2023, and the new Ford Mustang may arrive in Ukraine even later.