A new road accident involving Tesla resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. A car driving on autopilot closed up with a motorcycle and crashed into its rear. As a result, the motorcycle driver fell to the ground and died instantly.

The accident happened in the state of Utah on Sunday around one in the morning. The Tesla driver remained at the scene after the incident. He told local officials that he did not see the motorcyclist. Because the Tesla had active autopilot, according to officials, the incident was listed as a special accident investigation. This includes cases involving advanced driver assistance systems like Tesla Autopilot and automated driving systems.

The list already has 48 accidents, of which 39 occurred with the participation of Tesla. During these incidents, 19 people died – drivers, passengers, pedestrians, drivers of other cars, and motorcyclists.

We remind you that in the USA two fatal accidents involving Tesla are being investigated. In one of them, an electric car hit a pedestrian, who died. In another case, the car crashed into a parked van. The driver and passenger did not survive the accident.

In addition, 16 accidents are considered, when Teslas crashed into stationary vehicles of emergency services. Most of them happened in the dark, when the software of electric cars ignored traffic cones and other warning signs.

During the year, Tesla cars were involved in about 300 road accidents. The manufacturer leads the list of accidents that occur with the participation of active driver assistance systems. However, it should be noted that Tesla sells the most such cars.