Stray became Steam’s top game of 2022, beating God of War

Cat action/adventure Stray, which was released just a week ago, became the best game on Steam, that is, the entire PC market, according to the Steam 250 service. The nameless red cat bypassed the PC port God of War, which was released at the beginning of the year, quite easily.

It took Stray less than a week to reach the top spot. In the overall top 250 of the best Steam games of all time, Stray is already on the 44th place and is climbing rapidly.

The game currently has a Steam rating of 97% (extremely favorable) with nearly 43,000 player reviews. Steam 250 weighted rating is 98%. SteamDB rating is 95.88%.

In addition, the number of Steam reviews allows you to roughly estimate the sales of the game in the first week. They are almost 2 million copies on Steam alone! And this is already more than God of War, which was sold on Steam “in circulation” of approximately 1.5-1.7 million copies.

Impressive result, well done BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive!

By the way, the fourth place in the Top of the best games of 2022 is occupied by the simulator of total destruction Teardown. A city-building puzzle Dorfromantik takes the 5th place. But quite unexpectedly, the high-pressure washer simulator PowerWash Simulator is in the third place! It seems that we also need to write a review.

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