The American company showed the first photos and released the first information about the Cadillac Celestiq concept car. This is a hint of the next Cadillac flagship car. This flagship should be special for two reasons: firstly, it will be an electric car, and secondly, it will be an exclusive model with manual production and a sky-high price tag at the Bentley level.

So what exactly does the Cadillac Celestiq concept car hint at? For example, the original shape of the body: before us is not a classic sedan, but a “fastback” or “liftback” type body: pay attention to the sloping rear part and the giant glass that opens access to the luggage compartment.

At the same time, all the characteristic features of Cadillac are present: vertical headlights and lights in the form of fins, a massive radiator grille (even though an imitation), large wheels. There is not much information about the technical part at the moment. It is known about the use of the Ultium platform though. However, there is no doubt that for such a flagship, the specifications won’t be disappointing: we expect a large battery, high power, all-wheel drive, maybe even rotating rear wheels. An advanced Ultra Cruise autopilot of the new generation is also expected.

The salon also corresponds to the high status of the flagship. Textured red leather is used, metallic decor on the seats, several displays with a total diagonal of 55 inches are installed in front. At the same time, the displays on the doors are used as side mirrors. And it is also worth noting the steering wheel with two horizontal spokes: fans of classic Cadillac models will be delighted!

There are two separate seats and three displays in the back – one large one for each passenger and another small central one for controlling comfort functions. Finally, the roof of the Cadillac Celestiq concept is made semi-transparent and divided into four sections, each of which can be darkened or illuminated separately from the others.

The production version of the Cadillac Celestiq electric car is promised to be demonstrated by the end of this year. Sales in the US will begin in 2023: fans of luxury and original electric cars are already collecting money in anticipation.