A few weeks before the Unpacked event, Samsung announced that it shipped about 10 million foldable smartphones worldwide last year.

In a post in the Samsung Newsroom, Head of Mobile Experience (MX) Dr. Tae Moon Roh says that shipments of such smartphones have increased by 300% compared to 2020. He predicts that the product’s “rapid growth” will continue.

The figure of 10 million does not coincide with previously published data. A February report by the International Data Corporation stated that “in 2021, global shipments of folding smartphones reached 7.1 million units”. But whichever number is correct, Samsung’s MX division has been able to boost revenue largely thanks to foldable models and the new Galaxy S.

The company notes that 70% of users chose the Flip model. Not surprisingly, the company previously admitted that it was Flip that most motivated customers to switch brands to Samsung.

The head of the MX department also says that the company is presenting new models Flip and Fold on the next Unpacked, which will be held on August 10 this year.

“You’ll see that the impact of our innovation is not only about what technology can do. It’s about what you can do. We’ve once again taken our inspiration from the most important source — Galaxy users — to push the limits of what’s possible,” promised Roh.