Looks like Facebook has heard the rhetorical question “Why am I seeing this?” from its users. This week, two news feeds appear on the social network – and one of them has no featured content. The update will be available in the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The first feed called “Home”, which will open immediately, will be formed as before. It will contain Reels, Stories, featured content and other personalized content. The second feed – “Feed” – will only have friends’ posts, subscriptions and favorites, arranged in chronological order.

The first feed will still contain posts from friends and pages the user follows, so there will be similarities between them. However, the posts in it will be surrounded by recommendations. It will be possible to switch between feeds through the quick access panel.

Facebook will have two news feeds – personalized and chronological, with posts from friends

“One of the most requested features for Facebook is to make sure people don’t miss friends’ posts,” wrote Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing the changes.

The app will still open in a personalized feed, where algorithms will recommend content, he said. But the second feed will give users the ability to customize and control what they consume.

The two feeds appear to be an attempt to balance Facebook’s historic approach as an app where people can follow friends, and a new push to make it more like TikTok, where content is suggested by algorithms. The fact that the personalized feed will be opened first shows the priorities of the social network.