Finally it happened: the Honda Civic Type R car of the new generation has officially debuted and this is just the case when mild evolutionary changes are better than revolutionary ones. After all, the “hot” hatchback remained itself!

A traditional five-door body but with advanced aerodynamics and extended wheel arches that emphasize dynamics. It seems a familiar design, however, additional spoilers and a spoiler change the perception of the model. Special attention is drawn to 19-inch wheels with openwork discs and red Honda logos: the latter are a kind of “trade mark”.

There was also an evolution inside. Of course, the front panel has changed radically because before us is a new generation of the Honda Civic model. But the special style of Type R is in place: sports seats, red trim, a digital instrument panel with a 7,000 tachometer, and a teardrop-shaped mechanical transmission speed control level.

Yes, yes, precisely the mechanical transmission: the Honda Civic Type R car retained the traditional MKPSH and front-wheel drive. Also worth noting are the self-locking differential and 4-piston Brembo brakes on the front wheels. And hidden under the hood is a modified 2-liter turbo engine from its predecessor: the replacement of the turbine and exhaust system promises an increase in power to about 330 “horses” (exact official technical characteristics have not yet been made public).

We should the manufacturer that during a total change of the direction, the Honda Civic Type R car remains itself.