OpenAI expands the circle of those who will be able to experience the capabilities of DALL-E in practice. AI-powered image generator was released in beta, which will be accessed by a million people on the waiting list in a few weeks. You can subscribe to the list by the link.

All members will receive 50 free image credits during the first month. They will be given 15 credits each next month. One credit allows you to generate four images based on your own request, or three if the artificial intelligence edits the image or creates a variant of it. Those for whom free credits will not be enough can buy a package of 115 credits for $15.

The beta version also extends the rights to use AI-generated images. In addition, pictures become available for commercial projects. They can be printed on T-shirts or in children’s books.

At the same time, DALL-E is still limited to creating realistic faces, specific people or places, and “explicit” material. The team behind the development of artificial intelligence is concerned that it could be used for disinformation and deepfakes.

Let us remind you that DALL-E is probably the most powerful “AI artist” today. It creates attractive and interesting images based on a short description, and also allows you to edit them to achieve the desired result. It is a demonstration of the potential of artificial intelligence and a powerful creative tool even for those who have never dealt with art.