The compact crossover Toyota Yaris Cross received a sports version of GR Sport – not bad! However, it is worth noting that really “hot” cars will usually receive the GR designation, but the GR Sport application indicates more of a sports package.

It happened this time as well. The Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport car is distinguished by a slightly changed design: GR Sport logos, large 10-spoke wheels and red brake calipers, a diffuser in the rear bumper.

But in addition to appearance, there are also technical improvements. For example, body rigidity has been increased thanks to additional amplifiers, original springs and shock absorbers have been used in the chassis, ground clearance has been reduced by one centimeter. The hybrid engine has remained unchanged, but its control program has been changed – now it reacts more quickly to pressing the accelerator pedal.

There are also “thematic” changes in the interior of the car. For example, the steering wheel received the designation GR, similar logos are also present on the seats with advanced lateral support. Plus, the metal pads on the pedals are “classics of the genre”.

Of course, such a package of GR Sport modifications cannot be compared with the original GR cars. It is worth mentioning the “hot” hatchback Toyota Yaris GR with a turbo engine and all-wheel drive.