AUTOCAR reports that the Porsche company intends to release another crossover that will become the flagship of the line. And for two reasons at once: firstly, it will be the largest crossover from Porsche; secondly, it will get an electric drive and high power. After all, this will allow the formation of a wider model range of Porsche in the coming years.

Porsche is preparing a new crossover: it will be electric and larger than the Cayenne

It is expected that the SSP Sport platform will be used for the new electric vehicle. That is, a more “advanced” version of the SSP platform, which is already being created and should become the basis for the new generations of Macan and Panamera, which, by the way, will also become electric. The main difference of the SSP Sport platform will be more powerful engines, special suspension settings, and enhanced “fast” charging capabilities.

The first sketches of the future large Porsche electric car should be shown before the end of this year at a closed show in the USA because North America will be the main sales market for the new product. However, it will ultimately be a global model with sales in various countries.