Polish Frozengem Studio has announced a turn-based dungeon crawl Dungeons of the Amber Griffin, which looks like a spiritual descendant of Legend of Grimrock and classic RPGs of the 1980s. The game is based on Polish, or rather Kashubian mythology.

The Kashubs are a West Slavic people living in northwestern Poland and having their own language, different from Polish. The development of Dungeons of the Amber Griffin is supported by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports of Poland, and the Museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian Literature and Music.

In terms of gameplay, Dungeons of the Amber Griffin is a typical turn-based dungeon crawl in which you explore dungeons, look for hiding places and secret passages, and of course fight monsters. The game offers heroes of 9 different classes, 4 of which can be added to the party, 20 types of monsters, 500 different types of weapons, and armor.

Dungeons of the Amber Griffin looks quite interesting, but it seems that the authors only have a prototype and are actively looking for money to start the development of the full version. Therefore, if you are interested in this project, please add it to your Steam Wish List.

P.S. In fact, it would be interesting to look at similar Ukrainian games based on Hutsuls’, Lemkos’, or Boykos’ legends.