The online taxi calling service Uklon offered users to change the language of the application to Ukrainian. About 30% of Android users and 5% of iOS users switched to Ukrainian after reading a push notification inside the application. A total of 22% chose Ukrainian as the language of the Uklon application.

At the beginning of July, passengers and drivers of the service received a push notification with step-by-step instructions on how to change the language on various operating systems, in particular on Android and iOS. These messages were sent to an active user base throughout Ukraine, whose default application language was Russian. It is noted that the Uklon team plans to send similar messages in the future in order to arouse the desire of Ukrainians to use their native language.

Android owners can change the app language by opening the app menu and going to profile settings. iOS owners need to go to the menu, first click on “Settings” and then on “System Settings” – there you can change the language.

“I was very pleasantly surprised how almost everyone in the Uklon team started switching to Ukrainian. Every meeting or correspondence is in Ukrainian. And this happens not only in Uklon, but also in other companies. I also began to communicate more often, run social networks, give comments or interviews specifically in Ukrainian. And I cannot help but be pleased by how many people reacted positively to our communication and decided to change the language of the application,” comments Serhii Smus, co-founder and operations director of Uklon.