The interest of Ukrainians in news and social networks, which jumped up at the beginning of the hot phase of the war, continues to decline, online shopping platforms have taken hold in the top 25 sites of Ukraine. This can be seen in the report of the project Kantar CMeter.

At the same time, the top ten rating over the past month has hardly changed. Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Rozetka, OLX,,, Telegram, and remained almost in the same places. In the first five there are no changes at all.

Ukrainians return to online shopping: top 25 sites of Ukraine in June 2022

But (22nd place) and (24th place) returned to the rating, and slightly improved its position, rising to the 13th place in the rating. It seems that people are returning to the country and, despite the war, are again interested in repairs and construction.

Focus on news continues to decline, war becomes routine. Ukrainians are becoming interested in watching movies or sports competitions and relaxing, so (16th step) and (25th step) again entered the rating. Even the vacation planning service improved its performance, returning to the Top 100 sites popular in Ukraine.,,, and have retained their popularity among news sites.