Last year, the US government released a report on UFOs. At the time, many were surprised that the report failed to explain 143 of the 144 observed objects. “Where are the aliens?” asked one of its headlines.

At the time, the government did not say who was behind the study. However, last week US Department of Defense astrophysicist and reality show host Travis Taylor declared he was the “principal research scientist” of the study. Previously, the presenter repeatedly stated in his speeches that he saw a UFO with his own eyes, and that he was being watched by supernatural beings who broke his car and household appliances.

UFO skeptics in the scientific community were shocked by such a statement. The Pentagon confirmed that Travis Taylor served as the lead on the government team that produced the 2021 report.

“He was unofficially called the principal research scientist, because there were ongoing attempts to assemble a larger team, and it was not a full-time position,” says the press secretary of the organization.

Travis, according to his LinkedIn profile, has five degrees and works in advanced space technology. He has published two academic textbooks and numerous scientific articles. In a recent statement, he explained that he had been invited to become the government’s top UFO scientist in 2019. At the time, he was working at the Space and Missile Defense Command of the US Army, where he had been since 2007.

In addition to working on the TV show Ancient Aliens, Taylor Travis starred in the show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, in which investigate paranormal phenomena. Travis has been criticized for his anti-scientific perception of the supernatural.

“I am not surprised and am I’m starting to see why the Task Force was so unsuccessful in identifying its UAPs!” commented on the news UFO skeptic Robert Scheaffer.