One of the stars of the most famous superhero movie franchise from Marvel about the Avengers recently changed the smartphone. This was the reason for news on thematic sites about technology, because Chris Evans A.K.A. Captain America not just purchased a new phone, but had to update an old gadget — iPhone 6s. He shared this with fans on his social networks, adding a photo of the data transfer process to a new model.

Yes, even a movie star in 2022 could have an old smartphone, which was issued in 2015. Although it is worth noting that even now, this gadget supports work with the current iOS 15. And, probably, Chris was satisfied with the way the smartphone works, but the reasons for replacement were the old battery and the weak by modern standards camera.

The new iPhone is too heavy even for Captain America

One might think that the story would have a happy ending, but as it turned out, there are options. In an interview for Collider about the new movie with the participation of Chris, The Gray Man (which, by the way, will be released on July 22 on Netflix ), one of the questions to the former Captain America was this case.

As it turned out, Chris is still missing the old phone. He lacks Home button and new iPhone 13 Pro is too heavy for him. His colleague, actress Ana de Armas, supported Chris, noting that there were traces of a smartphone on her little finger, and the interviewer agreed about the Home button.

Interestingly, Captain America ​​refused the iPhone SE, adding that he wants iPhone 6. The motifs of the star are difficult to understand because the body of these smartphones differs only in the material of the rear cover, which is made of glass rather than metal in a newer model.

But regarding the weight, you cannot argue. In addition to the more convenient shape and the more compact building, the iPhone 6s was also a quarter lighter than the new iPhone 13 Pro — 143 against 204 grams (+/- the weight of the protective cover). The iPhone 12 Pro weighed a little less — 189 grams. This does not seem essential on paper, but after the years of using the iPhone 6s, it is not surprising that this difference has become noticeable for the actor. There would be no such problem with the iPhone SE. And it is still good that Chris has not acquired a larger model, because the weight of the iPhone 13 Pro max is 240 grams, and adding the weight of the cover it can feel close to a small tablet.

But it is really ironic that the new smartphone is too heavy for Captain America, which let the interviewer make a joke.

Also, it is not fully clear which model was purchased by Chris. The interview shows that it is an iPhone 12 Pro, although on the photo on his Іnstagram it is clear that it is an iPhone 13 Pro (this model can be distinguished by the placement of the speaker). Anyway, it seems, Captain America ​​should easily handle the weight of a new smartphone.