On July 18, 2022, the National Bank of Ukraine presented the commemorative coins “Oh the red viburnum in the meadow”. These coins are among the first to be put into circulation since the beginning of the war. They are dedicated to the Ukrainian song, which, after the treacherous attack of Russian troops on Ukraine, sounded with new force and became a modern symbol of resistance to Russian military aggression. Commemorative coins were presented by Oleksii Shaban, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, and Colonel-General Mykola Balan, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Commemorative coins “Oh the red viburnumin the meadow” continue the new series My Immortal Ukraine. They were designed by the Kyiv artist Dmytro Krivonos. On the obverse of the coins, in the center, there is a stylized symbolic composition, on which the defenders of different generations: a Cossack, a Sich rifleman and a modern soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine raise a viburnum – a poeticized symbol of Ukraine, the crown of which resembles the outlines of the borders of our Motherland. On the reverse of the coins, a branch with a leaf and viburnum berries is depicted in the center.

“The Defense Forces of Ukraine constantly feel and greatly appreciate the support of our people, all its institutions, enterprises, and organizations. We are also grateful to the partner countries and the international community as a whole for their effective assistance. This war, among other things, demonstrated our unity, the ability to unite in the face of challenges, the strength of spirit and the indomitability of Ukrainians. I know that our rebel ancestors would not be ashamed of us. I believe that we will “make our native Ukraine happy”, said Colonel-General Mykola Balan.

Commemorative coins “Oh in the meadow red viburnum” will be in circulation from July 18, 2022.

The 10 hryvnias coin is made of 92.5% silver, weight of pure precious metal – 31.1 g, diameter – 38.6 mm, circulation – up to 5,000 pieces (including up to 2,500 units in 2022).

The coin with a denomination of 5 hryvnias is made of nickel silver, the minting quality category is “special uncirculated”, weight – 16.5 g, diameter – 35.0 mm, circulation – up to 250,000 pieces (including up to 75,000 pieces in 2022, in souvenir packaging).

Commemorative coins can be purchased from banks-distributors selling commemorative coins and souvenir products: UKRGAZBANK JSC, RADABANK JSC, TASKOMBANK JSC, PrivatBank JSC.