Canadian Digital Extremes Studio, which has been concerned with the development of an online cooperative shooter/slasher Warframe for the last 10 years, finally announced the project on the new IP, Soulframe. It is again the cooperative MMO, but in the other universe and with a focus on weapons of melee and magic. And also in connection with the forces of nature.

Among the sources of inspiration, the authors are called the Ghibli studio anime Princess Mononoke (1997) and a movie The Neverending story (1984) based on Michael Ende’s book of the same name. The cinematographic trailer published by Digital Extremes almost directly quotes anime and movie.

Soulframe – a new game from Warframe creators

Despite the same name, the series of action-RPG Dark Soul is not among Soulframe inspiration sources, though the authors respect the work of Fromsoftware. Looks like more casual gameplay that does not scare players who are used to Warframe combat mechanics.

The full work on the new game began only in 2022, and such an early announcement is amazing. Digital Extremes explains this with the desire to share the development process with the community and take into account players’ feedback.

Soulframe – a new game from Warframe creators

The new IP from a well -known developer is always very cool, but… The last 10+ years of Digital Extremes have been working almost exclusively with Warframe. The two other projects that reached the release – Star Trek (2013) and Sword Coast Legends (2015) received the “honorary” titles of one of the worst games of decade. The project of The Amazing Eternals did not even leave the walls of the studio, the development was stopped in 2017.

That is, we wish Digital Extremes success, but some skepticism on Soulframe account is still justified. Let’s see how things go.