Most salaries of IT specialists in Ukraine stopped growing due to the start of the war. At the same time, only 5% of those interviewed lost their jobs, and 92% remained working full-time. These are the results of a study that conducted a DOU resource from among 5021 technical and non-technical specialists.

The current report did not include developers and testers. They were studied separately. Both those who remained in Ukraine and those who went abroad but continued to work in the Ukrainian market were interviewed.

Who left and from where

66% of the respondents were forced to move because of the war, but 25% have already returned. Among those who are still not at home, 70% of specialists plan to return. Most of them left Kyiv and Kharkiv, while the number of specialists in Odesa also decreased.

15% of respondents went abroad. 4% of them moved to Poland. The most relocated were DBA specialists (22%), HR and Customer Success (21% each), Project and Sales managers (18% each). Marketers (16%) and designers (15%) also left.

Within Ukraine, IT specialists mostly moved to Lviv Region, as well as to other regions of western and central Ukraine.

Who lost their jobs and projects

The biggest impact was on sales professionals (18% lost their jobs, 31% had their number reduced), HTML coders (15% lost their jobs, 39% had their projects reduced) and system administrators (10% and 28%, respectively). Among designers, 9% lost their jobs.

HR specialists feel relatively well, among whom 96% work full-time. However, they also experienced a reduction in workload.

The war had the least impact on DevOps/SRE, Data Science specialists, Technical writers, Game developers, RM, and analysts. Of these, more than 90% work full time, and more than 70% have not noticed a change in their work.

How the salaries of Ukrainian IT specialists have changed


How the income of Ukrainian PM, HR, DevOps, Data Scientists and other IT specialists changed in 2022 – DOU report
Source: DOU

Most specialists did not notice a drop in salaries – on average, they remained at the level of December 2021. The income of some specialists even increased. This can be said about data analysts (+$200, up to $1,600) and HR specialists (+$150, up to $1,350).

The median salary decreased the most for Product Managers (-$700, to $2,800) and Data Scientists (-$530, to $2,300). Their income grew throughout the previous year.

The positions of the highest level managers remained the highest paid. On average, they receive $5,625. Immediately after them, the highest salary is Site Reliability Engineer – $4700 and PM (Delivery Managers, Program Managers) – $4500 each.

DBA ($3850) and DevOps ($3500) specialists traditionally have high income. Data Engineers and ML Engineers are doing well with a salary of $2800. Their income even increased during the war. However, Data Science lost $530 in half a year and currently receives $2300.

Among other specializations, the best situation is for Technical writers (+$250 per half year, up to $1750), Data Analysts (+$200, up to $1600), HR specialists (+$150, up $1350).