Despite the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the IT industry continues to grow. Over the past five months, the share of IT has been almost half of all exports of services – 46%. If the dynamics are kept at the same level, IT exports can reach $7 billion in revenues to the economy in 2022. This amount is already more than the losses of all civilian airports in Ukraine. This was stated during IT Media Club by Andrii Yavorskyi, Senior Vice-President of GlobalLogic Strategy and Technology.

IT industry has become a locomotive of all exports of services of Ukraine

The full-scale war hit the export of goods and key sectors of the economy, such as metallurgy and agriculture. At the same time, the export of services remained at the level of last year, since the IT industry compensated for the fall of other export services.

Thus, in the first quarter of 2022, exports of Ukrainian goods fell by 20%. The fall is recorded in categories such as ferrous metals – 38%, food products – 6%.

At the same time, IT services remain the sole industry of exports of services that increased by 27% within five months, according to Opendatabot. Last 2021, the leader in exports were transport services, and IT took second place.

“Exports of services remain at the level of $6.8 billion since the IT industry keeps these figures at the pre-war level,” says Andrii Yavorskyi. “We do everything possible by keeping international partners and attracting new external customers. GlobalLogic only from the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine by May 5, 2022, paid UAH 97.7 million.”

New positions for IT workers are open in Ukraine again

“Many Ukrainians are forced to look for a new job because of the war. They want to become part of a stable and promising industry. We strive to help with this, so for the first time from February 24, we renew cooperation with the beginner-level specialists – trainees. Everyone will have a chance to start their career path in IT profession,” says Vice president of GlobalLogic Operations Anna Shcherbakova.

There are now almost 13,000 open positions in IT in Ukraine, with more than 340 in GlobalLogic. The company continues to involve engineers and offer opportunities for vocational training and development. For example, recently in GlobalLogic started IT Switch, an online course with mentors and trainers of the company, during which participants can gain basic technical knowledge for further development in IT. You can join the course now.

Further effective work of the IT industry requires infrastructure stability, clear legislative interaction with clients, and human capital stability. GlobalLogic believes that granting permission for the temporary departure of IT specialists abroad will allow them to engage in IT projects that are impossible in the country where hostilities are conducted. It is precisely under such conditions that the IT industry will continue to ensure regular contribution of currency in the economy of the country.