Have you forgotten about Wordle yet? The boom in its popularity came at the end of 2021 – the beginning of 2022 (it was even bought by the New York Times, and the amount of the contract, according to rumors, was measured in a seven-digit number).

However, it seems that this word game is still relevant. At least Hasbro has partnered with the NYT to announce a “real” party board game – Wordle: The Party Game. It will have transparent green and yellow “tiles” to mark the correct letters and their placement, just like in the original game, and players will write word options with special markers on the boards that can be easily erased. Wordle: The Party Game will come with the official word list from the New York Times, but no one will stop you from using your own options.

The desktop version of Wordle will be available approximately on October 1 this year, pre-orders can be made today. On the official site you can find a list of shops.