Magic Leap, a startup that once raised $2.6 billion in funding and promised a revolution in augmented reality, failed to deliver on its promises. In 2018, it released the first headset, which was significantly inferior to the capabilities that the project demonstrated in demo videos during its development.

However, already on September 30, the company still plans to release the next headset, which was named Magic Leap 2, and its price is declared at the level of $3299.

The Magic Leap 2 augmented reality headset will be priced at $3,299

Magic Leap 2 is completely focused on business. The headset has a smaller body with a weight of 260 grams and is built on the AMD platform – a 7-nanometer 4-core Zen2 chip with a frequency of up to 3.92 GHz, AMD GFX10.2 graphics and 256 GB of built-in memory. It also offers a resolution of 1440×1760 pixels, brightness from 20 to 2000 nits, a wider field of view, and a unique feature that darkens parts of the real world to make virtual objects appear less ghostly.

The headset will be available in three variations:

  • Magic Leap 2 Base for $3299 — for the glasses themselves and a one-year warranty;
  • Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro comes with additional developer-oriented software and sample projects for $4,099;
  • Magic Leap 2 Enterprise with two years of enterprise software support for $4,999.

Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson said the company is primarily focused on three industries for its new headset: “healthcare, defense and government, and manufacturing and industry,” and is not ruling out partnerships with art projects and companies in the field of entertainment.

There aren’t many augmented reality headsets on the market right now at the level of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, so it’s possible that Magic Leap 2 will eventually find its niche.