About 17,000 new articles are added to Wikipedia every month, and their total number is about 6.5 million. A new tool from Meta based on artificial intelligence will help volunteer editors to check the information that appears on the resource.

A tool called Sphere can scan thousands of sources, according to a post from the company’s AI team. If the bot cannot confirm the information from the article in the given source, it finds and offers an alternative. In this way, machine learning will help scale the work of volunteer editors by suggesting accurate citations and sources.

“Automated tools can help identify gibberish or statements that lack citations, but helping human editors determine whether a source actually backs up a claim is a much more complex task — one that requires an AI system’s depth of understanding and analysis,” the post says.

Sphere open source tool was released on Github. The ultimate goal of its developers is to create a complete platform for Wikipedia editors to more easily solve citation problems.

You can see the work of the tool on the example of one of the facts from Wikipedia in the video released by the Meta AI team.