Ukraine Weapons Tracker OSINT channel shared a video on the network showing the destruction of an enemy tank with a very unusual projectile. Ukraine Weapons Tracker believes that it is a German SMArt 155 high-precision projectile, but there is also an opinion that it could be a French-Swedish 155 BONUS, especially since the principle of operation of both ammunition is almost identical.

SMArt 155 and 155 BONUS are high-precision 155-mm cluster artillery shells for firing at long distances and hitting armored vehicles from the upper hemisphere. Each of them contains two cluster warheads that separate on approach to the target and fall from above, slowing down and stabilizing using either a small parachute (SMArt 155) or small winglets (155 BONUS).

SMArt 155 or 155 BONUS? The Armed Forces use very interesting high-precision projectiles to destroy the enemy

Each of the combat elements has an independent guidance system with a millimeter radar and an infrared sensor that scans the terrain and compares the signatures of objects with a database of enemy equipment. After capturing the target, the warheads are lowered and detonated at a distance of approximately 20-50 m, forming a high-velocity impact core that hits the target. That is, with a successful shot, each of the SMArt 155 or 155 BONUS projectiles can destroy two enemy tanks, air defense systems, or self-propelled guns at once.

Unfortunately, according to the video provided by Ukraine Weapons Tracker, it is not possible to clearly determine which ammunition was used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy the ruscists this time. But whatever it is, it looks good, so thanks to the partners.