This was reported by the Nikkei Asia resource. According to their information, this will happen gradually. Nikon will still produce and sell current models of SLR cameras, but will focus on the development of exclusively mirrorless models, which have recently improved image quality while being more compact and lighter than classic “SLRs”.

The “death” of SLR cameras has been predicted for a long time, but it seems that it is finally on its way. Yes, a month ago Nikon announced that it is discontinuing the entry-level models D3500 and D5600, and the company released its last new SLR, the enthusiast model D780, in early 2020. With all that, Nikon sold more than 400,000 SLR cameras last year, so it’s still too early to consider this market “completely dead.”

In response to this news, Nikon released an official statement in which did not confirm (but did not deny) the Nikkei Asia publication. It says that this is all speculation and that Nikon has nothing to announce about it — and that the company will continue to manufacture, sell and service DSLR cameras.