Swiss watch fans and Formula 1 fans should know the Richard Mille brand. It is a manufacturer of mechanical watches that usually have a large and transparent case, a prominent design, and price tags that are measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes cross the million mark. But this time the manufacturer was able to surprise differently.

Most often, mechanical watches are not characterized by thin cases. But sometimes luxury brands compete in the art of engineering and produce ultra-thin models. Earlier this year, the Bulgari brand presented a model Octo Finissimo Ultra, which with a case thickness of 1.80 mm took the first step in this parameter. But it lasted only a few months — the collaboration between Richard Mille and Ferrari stole competitive advantage from the record-breaker.

The new Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari model has become the thinnest mechanical watch. The price is almost $2 million

Now 1.75 mm thick Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari has a “championship belt” in this version. The thickness of the mechanism itself is only 1.18 mm, while the back plate of the case serves as the main fastening. For comparison, a credit card is 0.76 mm thick. 

The watch does not have a large number of functions. It only shows the current time, without an additional stop-watch, date, tachymeter, etc. Of course, there are no “smart” functions either. And everything that surrounds the small dial is actually just a frame with logos and settings.

Thanks to two built-in “wheels”, the user can adjust the time or start the watch. Usually, this is done by a separate wheel on the right side, but here we had to go an unusual way. Therefore, you will have to use a special screwdriver for routine winding procedures or changing the time.

The new Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari model has become the thinnest mechanical watch. The price is almost $2 million

And yes, despite the thickness of the case, it is still a large and noticeable accessory. Its dimensions are 51×39×1.75 mm. You will not have to worry about the deformation of the case, because its material is titanium of the fifth grade. This made it possible to maintain strength and light weight. At the same time, the model must withstand acceleration up to 5000 G and immersion in water up to 10 meters deep.

You can become the owner of such an ultra-thin beauty for a very “fat” price of $1,888,000. Only 150 of these watches will be produced.