In the video published by Radio Liberty Ukraine, light reconnaissance APC FV103 Spartan provided by the British government were shown. Previously, it was about the transfer of 35 such machines.

The FV103 Spartan is one of many light tracked vehicles based on the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) platform, which was commissioned by the British Army in the 1960s. All machines of this series, the production of which began in 1970, are distinguished by their extremely small size and low silhouette, which is due to their purpose – reconnaissance and infantry support. Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) are actually very small for military tracked vehicles, some versions of the CVR(T) are even shorter than the latest version of the Toyota Land Cruiser and only slightly (centimeters) taller and wider.

FV103 Spartan: light reconnaissance armoured personnel carrier for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In total, almost 6,000 combat vehicles based on the CVR(T) platform were produced since 1970, including: FV101 Scorpion light tanks (3,000 units); ATGM FV102 Striker (350 units); FV103 Spartan armored personnel carrier (almost 1,000 units); FV104 Samaritan medical vehicles (100 units); FV105 Sultan command and staff vehicles (several dozen); rescue vehicle FV106 Samson (130 units); FV107 Scimitar light tank/reconnaissance vehicle (over 600 units); Saber light tank (more than 500 units) and mobile air defense system Stormer HVM (more than 220 units).

As for the FV103 Spartan, it is a light, fast and maneuverable machine. Unfortunately, only for 4 paratroopers and with rather weak weapons – only a 7.62 machine gun. But for reconnaissance, for which it is intended, inconspicuousness and a low silhouette are exactly what is needed.

Let’s hope that the FV103 Spartan is just the beginning, and they will be followed by the FV101 Scorpion, FV102 Striker and additional Stormer HVMs. In any case, thank you, Mr. Johnsonuk.

FV103 Spartan: light reconnaissance armoured personnel carrier for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Technical specifications
Mass – 10,670 kg
Length – 5.16 m
Width – 2.48 m
Height – 2.63 m
Crew – 3 people
Landing – 4 people
Armament – 7.62 mm machine gun
Engine – Jaguar J60 gasoline or Cummins 5.9 turbodiesel
Power – 190 hp. (140 kW)
Operational range – 510 km
Maximum speed – 96 km/h