Recently, petition No. 22/140008-ep “Introduce a mandatory exam for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship” received the required number of votes. It states that currently, to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, it is sufficient to submit the appropriate list of documents and an application, which is not enough. 

In many countries, a similar procedure includes mandatory exams in language, history, etc. The author of the petition proposes to apply a similar practice in Ukraine, adding to the list of necessary tests on the Ukrainian language, history, a test on knowledge of the Constitution, as well as studying the national anthem of Ukraine.

For the first two exams, it is suggested to use the external examination tests. Knowledge of the Constitution is proposed to be tested in the same way as it is done when filling vacant civil service positions. Regarding the anthem, the author writes the following:

“This point is an important component of patriotic education of candidates for Ukrainian citizenship. Checking the knwowledge of the anthem is not mandatory, there is no need to take any tests. However, the process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship must be accompanied by the national anthem, and people who have just received their citizenship can sing along to the anthem if they so desire.”

Volodymyr Zelensky’s response to the petition is now on the website. It mostly talks about the language, but at the end of the answer it is indicated that the President asked the Prime Minister for a comprehensive study of the issue:

The issue of introducing a mandatory exam for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship will require legislative regulation.

According to the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”, the Government of Ukraine ensures the implementation of policies in the fields of education and science, the comprehensive development and functioning of the state language in all spheres of public life throughout the territory of Ukraine, the implementation of state legal policy, and regulates migration processes. 

Therefore, I turned to the Prime Minister of Ukraine D. Shmyhal with a request to comprehensively work out the issue raised in the electronic petition. 

The author of the electronic petition will be informed about the results of consideration of the issues raised.

Currently, Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship of Ukraine” sets the conditions for acceptance to Ukrainian citizenship, which does not provide for such exams, but there is only a clause that indicates the need for “knowledge of the state language or its understanding in an amount sufficient for communication.”