Renault 5 Diamond Concept was recently presented to the world. It is a so-called “resto-mod”: restoration of a classic model with preservation of the general style, but with the use of some modern details. In this case, the hero of the changes was the Renault 5 car, which is just celebrating its 50th anniversary: ​​serial production of the original model began in 1972.

However, the Renault company approached the issue as originally as possible, creating not just a “resto-mod”, but a real designer art object. Just look at his pictures!

Renault’s corporate design division and French designer Pierre Ganalons were involved in the work. Also, the “resto-mod” Renault 5 Diamond Concept received many interesting solutions from the world of high fashion and home furniture. For example, headlights in the form of diamonds and steering wheel made of marble, golden decoration of individual parts. In the interior, there was a place for a stand for a modern smartphone, and tinted glasses of classic round devices were installed.

As for the technical part, the Renault company reports on the use of an electric drive. However, it is unlikely that the Renault 5 Diamond Concept can be considered an attempt at an electric car. Moreover, there is already a concept car for the future Renault 5 electric car. This “resto-mod” is built around unconventional design and outrageous style.