Ukrainians will be allowed to use national driver’s licenses in the EU. It is not necessary to exchange them for international licenses. A corresponding offer on Thursday was approved by the members of the European Parliament.

Ukrainians who have received temporary protection in the EU will be able to continue using Ukrainian driver’s licenses without exchanging them or taking an additional test. The rule applies while refugees enjoy temporary protection status.

In case of loss or theft of driver’s licenses, EU countries will be able to issue new European-style ones. This is possible subject to confirmation from the Ukrainian authorities that the person really had a valid driver’s license in Ukraine. Also, for renewal, a certificate of physical and mental health should be provided.

Under certain conditions, Ukrainian refugees who worked as truck and bus drivers will be able to get professional competence certificates issued in Ukraine confirmed by the EU. To do this, they will need to undergo a short training and pass an exam. This will allow Ukrainians to work in the EU for a period of temporary protection and help export Ukrainian goods.

The European Parliament agreed to simplify the procedure for Ukrainian refugees two weeks after it was submitted by the European Commission. 561 deputies voted for this decision. 6 voted against and 5 abstained.

Before the decision becomes effective, it must be adopted by the Council of the European Union. The rule will enter into force 5 days after publication in the Official Journal of the EU.