Beta versions of operating systems always attract a lot of attention. They allow you to see future innovations that await users with the nearest “major” smartphone system update.

But among many interface updates, interaction algorithms, various new features etc., you can also find aesthetic things. For example, new “wallpapers”.
Or even old ones.

In the beta version of iOS 16, we found a pleasant surprise from the past — the desktop screen saver of the first iPhone model. It’s kind of a little reminder of the 15th anniversary of the smartphone from Apple. It looks nostalgic.

Although even here it was not without significant updates. Taking into account the changes to the lock screen, the system has interactive “wallpapers”, which include a screen saver with famous fish. Here, the time indicator can “hide” behind sea grass. This will add a new twist to the image.

The iOS 16 beta features the classic fish screensaver that was featured in the first Apple iPhone

9to5Mac also noted that not all users with the new beta have such a screen saver. It is assumed that this is just a bug in the test build.