From July 7, new rates for international delivery from Nova Poshta came into effect. In particular, delivery to Ukraine from abroad has become more expensive. Tariffs for the delivery of personal belongings abroad remain unchanged for the time being, and shipping to Poland has even become cheaper by a third. Let’s talk about everything in detail.

Change in tariffs for international deliveries

Due to the increase in the cost of fuel, including aviation fuel, the tariff for “Global delivery” to/from the USA increases by 20%, from other countries and territories of the world – by 10%.

For example, delivery of a parcel weighing 0.5 kg from the USA now costs UAH 840. From another country in the world – from UAH 1100 (depending on the country). Delivery of documents weighing up to 0.5 kg in the USA will be UAH 720, and to other countries of the world – from UAH 880. You can calculate the cost of delivery yourself following the link

Tariffs for delivery from international online stores

Using the NP Shopping service has also become more expensive. The cost of delivery of purchases weighing up to 0.5 kg increased by $1-2 on average in all weight categories. Tariffs for parcels from the USA increased by an average of $2.

Therefore, delivery weighing 0.5 kg from a foreign online store will cost:

  • from the USA and England – $7
  • from Poland, Germany, Spain and France – $5
  • from Italy and Turkey – $6

Tariffs for sending things from Ukraine abroad

Discounts for the service “Things from home to abroad” continue to apply. You can send personal items to 25 European countries through Nova Poshta. The size of the discount depends on the delivery zone

Nova Poshta changes the cost of international shipping: a complete list of changes

*delivery to Poland became cheaper by 33%. Previously, it cost 800, 1200 and 2000 respectively for the first three weight categories.

Before sending, things should be checked for dangerous, prohibited items and things that are not accepted for transportation. You can check them at the list. Also, a shipment worth more than €44 may be subject to customs duty in EU countries.