Sennheiser’s AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio technology allows you to create a virtual surround sound on two speakers. The company has been using it in its products for some time, and yesterday it officially announced that Netflix is ​​also starting to implement its support in its content.

You don’t need to manually turn on anything to use AMBEO. If the audio output of the device running Netlix is ​​set to stereo, the technology will turn on automatically. Netflix clarifies that users of Apple devices should set the streaming quality to High or Auto. Sennheiser assures that the processed AMBEO sound preserves the tonal balance and integrity of dialogues and does not degrade the quality of the original recording.

The first AMBEO-enabled product in the Netflix catalog was the fourth season of Stranger Things, it should also appear in the films Red Notice, The Adam Project, The Witcher series and the upcoming Resident Evil, etc. You can find them by searching the system for the words “spatial audio”.