The website of the Fund of Competent Assistance of the Army, Come Back Alive, has been completely updated. The website was redesigned free of charge by the IT company SoftServe.

“The updated site is for the Foundation, including the opportunity to help the army more effectively. Thanks to our partners, we now have a user-friendly resource and a solution that allows you to send donations to the army and donate to support the team faster and more securely through Come Back Alive”, explains Director of the Fund for Development and Partnership Oleg Karpenko.

“Now,” the Fund informs, “you can transfer funds to support Ukrainian defenders in just two steps.”

Previously, donating money to an organization required at least four steps, and payment was made through an external resource. The Fund’s partner, the international payment provider Solidgate, developed the Payment Link solution, thanks to which in the new version of the site it is enough to click the “Support” button and enter your e-mail and bank card details, or use Google or Apple Pay. Soon they plan to add the function of regular payments. In addition, Solidgate agreed to work with the Fund without a commission, which previously could reach millions of hryvnias.

In general, SoftServe’s IT specialists improved the site’s security, external interface, and user-friendliness, moved it to a modern cloud infrastructure, optimized it for internal use, and adapted the content management system (CMS) according to the needs of the organization. From now on, Come Back Alive plans to expand the boundaries of its work and more systematically support Ukraine in the media – in particular, by talking about the course of the war, analyzing the power block and defense solutions.